Essays from the Heart of Indiana

              by  J. H. Johnson


​​​​​Hold the phone for IDlewood 3

Magic of the Captain Midnight Secret Decoder 4

You're in the Army now! 5

Dogs are for real, and really good for 6

Abe Martin:  A Hoosier 7

Notes to New Teachers:  Let it be a 8

Hoosier Radio 9

The Hoosier Poet:  James Whitcomb 10

Hoosier Schoolmaster of 11

Mystery & Intrigue in the Indiana State 12

Movie House 13

A Kid's Life as a 14

That Powerless Feeling (when lights go out) 15

Norman Rockwell: Pictures Worth 1000 16

ALL ABOARD!  Fun and romance of train 17

Why be a teacher, anyway? 18

Milan, the true story of 19

Ernie Pyle:  GI Joe reporter from 20

Indiana:  Home To Vice 21

Election 1888:  Nice Guys Both Finished 22

Indy TV 23

Hoagy Carmichael:  Stardust between the 24

How Come You're Called the "Hoosier" State? 25

Grandpa's Model T Changed the 26

Everybody's 27

Students saw RED....and that was 28

A Wonderland of Ice and 29

Hit "Pause" before you hit "Send" 30

Goodbye to the 31

All the World's A 32

Typewriter Types and One-Font 33

The Future May Be a Bit 34

We 50s Kids Knew Our Cars!...... page 35

Crayons Add Color to Kids' 36

The Night Martians Invaded 37

The World is Too Much With 38

Shine Hoosier Glow 39

Showboat's A-Comin'!!! 40

Try To Remember, the Value of 41

Don't Smile Till 42

Teaching....Hollywood 43

Yesterday When We Were 44

To Urr is 45

The Hoosier 46

School Bus Drivers Carry Precious 47

Fun With Dick and 48

Don't Know Mulch About 49

Hope the Shoe 50

Who Teaches Teachers How to Teach? 51

Indiana Artist T. C. 52

So what do YOU stand for? 53

It's About 54

Back to School Night might be 55

Only a dog, they 56

Mike Pence:  Nice Guy 57

Archie Pug....the best little 58

Who could forget?  Report Card 59

Music, the Soundtrack of our 60

The Magic of an Empty 61

Pixies of Spring, 62

Words Gone Bye 63

Carl Fisher: The man who made Florida 64

Memories Cast in Chrome: Cars of the 65

Riding Those Happy Trails, with Roy 66

Tomorrow and tomorrow, it's Shakespeare! 67

Kids Are What Schools Are 68

Facts about 69

Christmas Eve 70

English is 71

First Time at the Computer 72

A Spell of 73

So, What Else Is On? 74

Classic Classified Ads Add 75

Sneak at Peek at the 76

Please Don't Call it Turkey 77

Flash!  This Just In:  News Voices from the Past.... page 78

Kids are Right: The 50s Were Happy 79

I Don't Want a Fair 80

Lawn Mowing 81

Harvey Jacobs, 82

Now. What Do You Say? 83

There's Nothing Like the First Day of 84

In Praise of Substitute 85

The Iceman Cometh, and none too 86

The Future Found in Grains of 87

50s Kids Got A Glimpse of the 88

Teacher Wish 89

And who can ever forget Driver's Ed Class? 90

School Bells Don't Ring 91

19th Century Superstar: 92

Eating 93

Think As You 94

Friends in Our Magic 95

​Last 96

​Orthography Can "Bee" 97

School Newspapers:  Who holds the bag? 98

A Glimpse of Greatness: Reagan in 99

Magic Happens at 100

Spring Forward, Fall 101

Tarzan Grew Up in 102

Facts in back of The Cat in the 103

Forever Found at the Post Office in 104

Home Owner's Inside Info........ page 105

Presenting the Ad Century! 106

Strict 107

Money 108

Old Ebenezer Wasn't Such a Scrooge After 109

Sleeping in Class May Be the 110

And We All Had a Dream in 111

Prayers for the Road 112

Everything For Which It 113

Geek of the 114

Happy Birthday, Radio! 115

When Teachers Write 116

Riley Days and Orphant 117

Lincoln's 52nd 118

Indy Cars of 119

Dillinger and Movie 120

School Supplies 121

Three Hoosiers Meet on the Road to 122

Tips for New Teachers....... page 123

Going to College Without Leaving 124

Cursive Writing - Where Did It Go? 125

Where Were You on 9/11? 126

​Browsing the College 127

Marguerite Graves - Chasing the 128

Table of Contents